Government Industry

调查公众需求和政府表现, FortySeven Software Professionals is offering technical services to government institutions. It has a great experience working closely with different kinds of government organisations.

Key Aspects
of Government Industry

就像所有的私营企业一样, the government can enjoy innumerable benefits from technology in today's modern and advanced world.

拥有高效的技术体系和实践, 政府现在在公共利益方面做得好多了. 管理一个成熟的国家是困难的, and with traditional, outdated measures, it becomes even daunting.

How IT Helps A Government?

IT is playing a significant role in enhancing the productivity of the government in the best interest of its citizens. With its modern and integrated practices, IT has revolutionized the way states operate.



There are many different technologies that governments can use. From artificial intelligence to automate data processing and better-integrated networks, IT可以为政府开辟新的道路.

Following are some significant technologies that governments can benefit with:

1. 提高安全性

With IT, governments can work for increased safety and security of their citizens. It can be done by improving IT infrastructure and using cloud services to enhance efficiency and security. It ensures a decrease in crime rates and risk identification.

2. 创新现有的结构

IT helps in improving existing government structures by enhancing productivity and reducing human labor. It also cuts the costs by a great extent leaving more finances to be spent on public.

3. 有效的管理任务

IT allows governments to manage their administrative tasks efficiently and put forward an effective model of administration. 与先进的技术, 可以消除重复的管理任务, and the government can have better and cheaper access to information.

4. 采用创新实践

FortySeven Professionals have a team of experts capable of developing cloud-based software that meets your requirements using best programming languages such as Python, Java, and SQL. Today, we are trusted experts in the industry to offer Cloud-based applications for different enterprises.

5. 政策落实力度加大

Policies are formulated by governments daily but are not implemented. The loophole results in poor public service and delayed response to public needs. With IT, 可以有一个更好的问责检查, and thus, 政策一经批准就可以立即执行.


6. 政府部门间的整合与协调

One thing that leads to mismanagement by the government is the lack of integration and coordination among government sectors and institute. IT can help with better and faster communication among government sectors to increase cooperation. This keeps all the government institutes and agencies on the same page.

Machine Learning

With machine learning and algorithms, government processes such as social security systems, etc. can be improved greatly.


The introduction of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can allow faster transactions, transparency, 以及创新的金融实践.


Cybersecurity is the most important area of IT that governments need to go for. It reduces the risks of information hacking, data leaking, and associated threats.

Internet of Things (IoT)

可穿戴设备和物联网可以改变政府的面貌. It can help the state move in a smarter way to keep up with rapidly changing public needs and demands. It is also important to follow modern trends and coordinate with neighboring, regional, 与国际政府.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help governments in faster and better decision making. One reason why governments fail to deliver efficiently is a lack of consensus among policymakers. With AI, policymakers can better assess public needs and interests instead of favoring their personal interests.



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Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

More than 12 years of successful global IT outsourcing and our customer’s business augmentation.
Business communication
We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015质量管理体系 and ISO 27001:2013信息安全管理系统.
Deep Technology Expertise
Our specialists have a vast business and technology expertise and can develop complex solutions.
Full IP Control
We transfer full control over Intellectual Property Rights to you each month.
We manage projects using software for tracking progress and time. This gives you full control throughout the development process, 进展和账单完全可预测.

Cooperation Models

We have defined each framework with one sincere belief that an engagement model is what that defines a successful collaboration between you and us. 尽管如此,所选择的模型, 你将拥有完全的控制权, transparency and flexibility over delivery and the budget during the whole development process.

Project Based

这种方法不会给您带来灵活性, 但它可以被政府或其他公司使用, corporations, individuals if the requirements are clearly defined and all the specifications of the project are known in advance. 客户的参与是有限的. 在开发过程中, 需求不能更改, any changes will lead to additional fees and make the price of the project not fixed anymore.

  • 最适合小型项目.
  • 基于瀑布方法.
  • 规范更改的严格规则.
  • Used for projects when all software requirements specifications are clear and predefined.
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This model is based on the rapidly evolving business and technology world. You are able to make changes on the go and pay for the time the development team spends actually working on your product. We will provide you with pre discussed amount of software engineers and IT specialists required for realization of your project of any size. Each iteration is planned together with you before its implementation, that gives you total control over the deliverables and the budget.

  • Well-adapted to various kinds of projects from small MVP to complex software engineering solutions.
  • Full participation and control over the whole development process.
  • Flexibility on your side, you are able to make changes on the go.
  • Based on Agile approach, Scrum, Kanban or other methodology can be used.
  • 选择上市时间对你来说是否重要.
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这种合作模式允许公司, corporations or individuals to augment their software development capacities. You get the access to human resources like software engineering specialists, devops, QA engineers, technical writers, designers, project managers etc. who will work on your project using your software tools and selected methodology. Our IT specialists can work in synergy with your existing IT department.

  • 每个月都有完整的知识产权.
  • Highly educated employees.
  • 多语言软件工程和管理团队.
  • ISO 9001:2015质量管理体系.
  • ISO 27001:2013信息安全管理系统.
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